Ricoh Focuses on Image Quality with Flagship THETA Z1 - RICOH IMAGING

Ricoh Focuses on Image Quality with Flagship THETA Z1

High-quality 360-degree footage is the future, and Ricoh is jumping right in with a brand-new flagship—the THETA Z1. This is the best THETA ever released, with a huge leap in image quality being made possible using two 20MP 1" back-illuminated CMOS sensors. This arrangement supports 23MP 360-degree stills (6720 x 3360) and record 4K (3840 x 1920) video at 30 fps with 3-axis stabilisation. Larger sensors also mean better image quality in more situations, because the sensitivity can be boosted to ISO 6400 and there is a multi-level aperture mechanism with three levels of control. Beyond the sensors, the Z1 has...

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GR | STORY For those who love photography PROLOGUE The GR offers a shooting style that provides direct feedback to the photographer's senses, for capturing those moving moments. Just by carrying around this small camera, you become aware of precious, everyday details. That can make anyone into a creator. In the photographs taken with this camera, the world, and the people in it sparkle with life. The GR continues to evolve with those ideas in mind, along with fans who feel the same way. The GR's appeal doesn't rest solely with advancements in technology. We hope that these passionate ideas,...

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